Are you trying to make a change in your life?

Maybe you're trying to improve your mood...a relationship...your satisfaction with life... your child's behavior. Or perhaps you're looking to gain a new job... more confidence...a healthier body.

It's hard to make such changes, especially if you're working alone, or your problems have sapped you emotionally and physically.

Tired of the struggle?

Let me help you achieve your goals with greater speed and less effort. I can help you realize more clarity about your life and how you can move forward, and I can share with you the techniques I've learned to ease the process of change. The right support can make a huge difference.

You can explore this site to see how I approach specific problems such as anxiety and phobias, sign up for upcoming workshops, or to receive my upcoming newsletter. I invite you to call me at (301) 593-7494, or e-mail me at for a free consultation on your situation and how I can be of service to you.

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Successful Living Series
Mark Bottinick
Results-Oriented Psychotherapy
My goal with therapy and coaching is transformation, not merely insight. Some people can spend years in therapy, and as a result, they are more insightful about their problems, but they still have all the same problems. I use techniques that often help people eliminate their problems. Insight is commonly a rewarding by-product of the work, but it's insight into problems now resolved.